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Vitalzym Side Effects and other Proteolytic Systemic Enzyme Side Effects

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Powerful systemic enzymes such as Vitalzym, VitalzymSEB, Vitalzym Xe, Wobenzym, Neprinol, and Zymessence may all cause side effects from detoxification.  Not everyone will experience them and they are usually relatively minor.  Symptoms may include headache, upset stomach, diarrhea, muscle aches, or fogginess.  Though uncomfortable, these symptoms are a result of the beneficial cleansing that comes along with a highly proteolytic systemic enzyme.  The detoxification may include a cleansing of the liver, digestive tract, and blood.  If you wish to reduce the rate of detox and its associated symptoms, you can reduce the enzyme dosage.  Drinking plenty of water will speed up the detoxification process. 

If more serous side effects occur, be sure to see your healthcare provider.  Vitalzym and these other systemic enzymes contain or may contain pineapple, corn, rice, papaya, and other ingredients that may cause a reaction if you are allergic.  These ingredients listed are not all encompassing, so be sure to check the individual ingredients of each enzyme before making a decision on which is right for you.

To view ingredients listings, visit us a www.expressnaturals.com.

Vitalzym Coupon Codes

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Vitalzym coupon codes?  Give us a call today at 1-800-556-1314 for our best prices or coupon codes on Vitalzym, Vitalzym Xe, Neprinol, Zymessence and other premium systemic enzyme products.   Visit us at www.expressnaturals.com. Read more »

What if my enzymes are left inside a hot mailbox, car, etc?

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, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Systemic Enzymes, Author: admin (August 31, 2011)

According to World Nutrition, the manufacturers of Vitalzym, Vitalzym Xe, and Vitalzym SEB, their systemic enzymes don’ t begin to lose activity until temperatures exceed 150 degrees.  Systemic enzymes are subjected to high temperatures during the manufacturing process so they must be able to resist these conditions.  So if your enzymes sit in a hot mailbox for an afternoon, they most likely have not been damaged.  Of course the first thing we do if we think something has gone bad is smell it.  Unfortunately this isn’t an indicator since systemic enzymes do have a sour smell to them even when they’re fresh.   If you’re concerned your order from www.ExpressNaturals.com has been subjected to extreme heat in excess of 150 degrees, send us an email at expresscare@expressnaturals.com.

What if i miss a dose of systemic enzymes?

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Don’t worry.  Systemic enzymes aren’t like many prescription medications, in that they don’t build up in your system over time.  Research has indicated that most vegetarian based enzymes have an extremely short lifespan in the body.  In fact, most of the enzymes have probably been used by the body within 12 hours.  And though animal derived enzymes are thought to have a bit longer lifespan, they are most likely out of your system within 24 hours.

That being said, if you’re taking systemic enzymes such as Vitalzym for pain, a missed dose may lead to the recurrence of that pain.  There’s no need to double up your dose after a missed dose.  Just start your regimen again on an empty stomach and the missed dose will be just that…missed.

For more information on Vitalzym, Zymessence, Neprinol, or other systemic enzymes, visit us at www.expressnaturals.com.

Systemic enzymes gone bad?

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Every now and again we get a call about sour smelling enzymes.  Have they gone bad?  No, but for some reason systemic enzymes can have a really sour milk odor to them.  Unfortunately the smell seems to vary from lot to lot without any rhyme or reason.  These enzymes haven’t gone bad.  Most brands of systemic enzymes, including Vitalzym, have at least an 18 month shelf life.  And even then, the enzymes don’t actually go bad,  but rather they begin to lose strength.  It’s best to keep your enzymes stored at room temperature, and though they may have an odor, they’ll be fresh for many, many months.  For more information on systemic enzymes, be sure to visit us at http://www.expressnaturals.com/Enzymes_1_s/39.htm.

Zymessence Now Available in Smaller Size

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, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Zymessence, Author: admin (May 11, 2011)

WAM Essentials has now made the new Zymessence available in the 90 count size.  The Zymessence systemic enzyme blend dosage is only 3 capsules daily for maintenance.  So the new 90 capsule size will last for a month when taken for maintenance.  The sale price at http://www.expressnaturals.com/Zymessence_p/zse180.htm  will be $51.95.  The Zymessence enzyme formula harnesses both pancreatin and serrapeptase, making it one of the strongest full sytemic enzyme available.  It’s also a great value.

Vitalzym Original vs. Vitalzym Liquid Caps – Dosage Comparison

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, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Vitalzym, Author: admin (March 6, 2011)

This one is tricky.  You’d think it would be as simple as “triple the potency, a third the dosage”.  BUT….some users have found that while they get tremendous benefit from the Liquid Caps, they feel very little from the powder blend.  And some users are exact opposite of this.  So, what’s the deal? 

Some users that have been taking the original Vitalzym have been getting tremendous benefit from upper gastrointestinal enzyme activation.  This can be from digestive aid or it could be from the intestinal cleansing that comes along with a hybrid enzyme.  When these users switch to the Liquid Caps, they no longer feel the same results.  Since the Liquid Capsule is opening up lower in the intestine, the user is no longer feeling the same upper gastro benefits.

Conversely, some users of the Liquid Caps have reported that the powder blend doesn’t give nearly the benefit for their pain or inflammation.  These users are most likely experiencing a greater amount of enzyme degradation from the stomach acids, and therefore, aren’t getting as much enzyme in to the blood stream to reach the inflamed site.

The comparison between the two becomes even more difficult when taking in to consideration the time of day the enzymes are taken (how close before or after food) and each users individual pH levels.  Therefore, we recommend if switching from one blend to another, that you start from scratch.

Vitalzym Original (Activation Dosage) 3 capsules, 3 times daily at least 60 minutes before or after food.  If you don’t feel any benefit after a couple days, increase it to 4 capsules, 3 times daily.  Continue to increase every couple days until benefit is felt.  Stay at that level for two weeks or until condition is remedied.  After that, reduce dosage until you no longer feel the benefit.  This will help you determine your maintenance dosage.  Most users find their activation dosage at 4-5 caps, 3 times daily and their maintenace dosage at 2-4 caps, 3 times daily.

Vitalzym Liquid Caps (Activation Dosage) 3 capsules, 2 times daily about 20-30 minutes before a meal.  If you don’t feel any benefit after a couple days, increase it to 4 capsules, 2 times daily.  Continue to increase every couple days until benefit is felt.  Stay at that level for two weeks or until condition is remedied.  After that, reduce dosage until you no longer feel the benefit.  This will help you determine your maintenance dosage.  Most users find their activation dosage at 3-5 caps, 2 times daily and their maintenace dosage at 2-3 caps, 2-3 times daily.

We are not healthcare practitioners.  Of course, your practitioner may recommend a higher or lower dosage. 

This information has been obtained from feedback from our customers as well as feedback from the manufacturer.  As new information is gathered, we will continue to update this.  Visit us at www.expressnaturals.com.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Proprietary Enzyme Blends…why hide the formula?

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, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Systemic Enzymes, Author: admin (February 18, 2011)

If you’ve done some research on enzymes, especially systemic enzymes, by now you have found it is extremely difficult to compare each brand.   Many of the manufacturers list a blend of enzymes without giving out specific ingredient quantities or strengths.  It almost feels like trying to comparison shop for a mattress from one store to another…it’s impossible to compare!

Well unlike mattresses, major enzyme companies aren’t doing this to make it more difficult for YOU!  They make their blends “proprietary” to make it difficult for competitors to replicate.  Creating a world class enzyme blend isn’t like making a multivitamin.  The strengths and quantities of individual enzymes in a blend work synergistically.  A small tweak of a highly proteolytic enzyme can significantly change the results of a blend significantly for the better or worse.

Perfect example:  World Nutrition developed Vitalzym in 2001.  We believe Vitalzym to be the best selling serrapeptase blend in the world.  Countless (at least 25!) companies have tried to duplicate the results of Vitalzym.  Google “Vitalzym” and you’ll be sure to find a few.  But after 10 years, we haven’t seen one company that’s been able to create the same results using the same ingredients listed on the Vitalzym bottle.  Why?  Because World Nutrition keeps their formula proprietary. 

So we don’t look at it as a negative at all.  We appreciate the amount of time, research, and expense it must’ve taken to perfect the formula.  Just like Coca Cola, it’s the Real Thing and they have a right to keep it a secret.  So if you’re looking for a proven systemic enzyme, Vitalzym is time-tested, unparalleled, and still a great value.  If you’re shopping for a mattress…you’re on your own.

Visit us at www.expressnaturals.com.

The new Zymessence

, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Zymessence, Author: admin (February 17, 2011)

We hear about “New and Improved” products all the time.  Actually, we hear it so much that many of us just pass it off as mere marketing gibberish.

Last year Dr. Wong introduced us to one seriously powerful systemic enzyme.  Unfortunately, the size of the Zymessence horsepill was just too big for some to swallow.  But the feedback from those that weren’t bothered by the  size has been tremendous.  Not surprising, since he has a ton of enteric coated serrapeptase AND pancreatin in the blend.

Well…Dr. Wong really did take an already awesome enzyme blend and make it even better!   His new Zymessence is now in a more manageable capsule size.  And with his new enteric matrix technology, he was able to reduce the amount of starch in the blend, making room for even more enzymes.  The only downside is the inclusion of the Carbomer Homopolymer Type A.

As enzyme-nuts, we know this formula and encapsulation process added a ton of cost to his product.  So kudos to Dr. Wong for keeping it a value.

Visit us at www.expressnaturals.com.

Increase Protein Absorption with Vitalzym

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, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Vitalzym, Author: admin (February 17, 2011)

Clinical studies have shown that supplementation with high quality proteolytic enzymes, such as Vitalzym, enable the body to better absorb proteins.

Proteins are large molecules made up of amino acids.  The large protein molecules must be broken down in to these smaller amino acids before absorption can occur.  This process begins in the stomach where hydrochloric acid breaks apart protein bonds so that a naturally occurring proteolytic enzyme (pepsin) can begin to break them down further down into amino acids. 

The digestion of the protein continues in the upper small intestine, known as the duodenum.  Proteolytic enzymes (trypsin, chymotrypsin) manufactured by the pancreas allow for further breakdown of the proteins.  Vitalzym is unique in that it is formulated for optimum performance in this duodenum region.  As a highly proteolytic enzyme mixture, Vitalzym is able to supplement your body’s own enzymes to help break down the protein in the duodenum to prepare it for absorption.  This process, known as hydrolysis, must occur to allow for proper amino acid absorption.

If the protein molecules have been properly broken down in to amino acids, they are absorbed by tiny capillaries in the small intestine and pass through to the bloodstream.  Once in the bloodstream, the amino acids are distributed by both red blood cells and by the liquid blood plasma to tissues throughout the body where they are used in the creation and repair of cell structures.2

If the protein is not properly broken down, small amounts of whole or partial proteins may be absorbed into the bloodstream.  The presence of protein instead of amino acids in the bloodstream may lead to food allergies, to a shock reaction called anaphylaxis, to other symptoms typical of an allergy, such as sneezing, breathing difficulties, skin rashes, headaches, nausea, or even, in severe cases, death.3

Vitalzym has been recommended by thousands of health professionals worldwide, including athletic trainers and clinical nutritionists for improved recovery time and optimal protein absorption.*

Contributed by Express Naturals © 2010 All Rights Reserved


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

1  Glade MJ, Kendra D, Kaminski MV, Jr. Improvement in protein utilization in nursing-home

patients on tube feeding supplemented with an enzyme product derived from Aspergillus niger

and bromelain. Nutrition 2001;17(4):348-50.

2 Anne Collins, annecollins.com Guide to Digestion of Protein 2007

3  Dr. Beth Gruber, carbsmart.com Protein Digestion and Absorption 2001

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