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Detoxify with Systemic Enzymes

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, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Systemic Enzymes, Author: admin (October 8, 2011)

When beginning a whole body cleanse, don’t forget to include systemic enzymes in your regimen.  These enzymes are able to function throughout the body to help cleanse the intestine, colon, liver, and blood.  Optimal enzymes for cleansing include Vitalzym, Neprinol, and Zymessence.  Visit www.expressnaturals.com to learn more about each.

What if my enzymes are left inside a hot mailbox, car, etc?

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, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Systemic Enzymes, Author: admin (August 31, 2011)

According to World Nutrition, the manufacturers of Vitalzym, Vitalzym Xe, and Vitalzym SEB, their systemic enzymes don’ t begin to lose activity until temperatures exceed 150 degrees.  Systemic enzymes are subjected to high temperatures during the manufacturing process so they must be able to resist these conditions.  So if your enzymes sit in a hot mailbox for an afternoon, they most likely have not been damaged.  Of course the first thing we do if we think something has gone bad is smell it.  Unfortunately this isn’t an indicator since systemic enzymes do have a sour smell to them even when they’re fresh.   If you’re concerned your order from www.ExpressNaturals.com has been subjected to extreme heat in excess of 150 degrees, send us an email at expresscare@expressnaturals.com.

Proprietary Enzyme Blends…why hide the formula?

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, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Systemic Enzymes, Author: admin (February 18, 2011)

If you’ve done some research on enzymes, especially systemic enzymes, by now you have found it is extremely difficult to compare each brand.   Many of the manufacturers list a blend of enzymes without giving out specific ingredient quantities or strengths.  It almost feels like trying to comparison shop for a mattress from one store to another…it’s impossible to compare!

Well unlike mattresses, major enzyme companies aren’t doing this to make it more difficult for YOU!  They make their blends “proprietary” to make it difficult for competitors to replicate.  Creating a world class enzyme blend isn’t like making a multivitamin.  The strengths and quantities of individual enzymes in a blend work synergistically.  A small tweak of a highly proteolytic enzyme can significantly change the results of a blend significantly for the better or worse.

Perfect example:  World Nutrition developed Vitalzym in 2001.  We believe Vitalzym to be the best selling serrapeptase blend in the world.  Countless (at least 25!) companies have tried to duplicate the results of Vitalzym.  Google “Vitalzym” and you’ll be sure to find a few.  But after 10 years, we haven’t seen one company that’s been able to create the same results using the same ingredients listed on the Vitalzym bottle.  Why?  Because World Nutrition keeps their formula proprietary. 

So we don’t look at it as a negative at all.  We appreciate the amount of time, research, and expense it must’ve taken to perfect the formula.  Just like Coca Cola, it’s the Real Thing and they have a right to keep it a secret.  So if you’re looking for a proven systemic enzyme, Vitalzym is time-tested, unparalleled, and still a great value.  If you’re shopping for a mattress…you’re on your own.

Visit us at www.expressnaturals.com.

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