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Seaprose-S shown effective against inflammation in study.

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, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Fibrenza, Systemic Enzymes, Author: admin (June 16, 2013)

Seaprose-S has been shown to outshine even serrapeptase in a study published in PubMed.  Serrapeptase has long been used in the most effective systemic enzyme formulas. Seaprose-S has been left out of most due to its expense.  The newest enzyme in our product lineup, Fibrenza, contains both serrapeptase and Seaprose-S.  A copy of the published abstract is below.  For more information on Fibrenza or any of our other powerful systemic enzymes, including Vitalzym and Neprinol, visit our Full Systemic Enzymes hub.

Clinical study of the efficacy of and tolerance to seaprose S in inflammatory venous disease. Controlled study versus serratio-peptidase.
This study was designed to compare the efficacy and safety of seaprose S and serratio-peptidase in the treatment of venous inflammatory disease. Forty patients entered the study (11 males, 29 females), mean age 54.3 years (range 30-77), mean weight 74.8 kg (range 51-96), with superficial thrombophlebitis. The trial was conducted following a controlled, between patients, randomized experimental design. Seaprose S was administered as 30 mg tablets at a daily dosage of 90 mg (one tab t.i.d.), and serratio-peptidase as 5 mg tablets, at a dose of 30 mg per day (two tabs t.i.d.), both orally, for 14 days. Twenty patients received seaprose S and 20 serratio-peptidase. The findings indicate that seaprose S was more effective and better tolerated than serratio-peptidase. Although the group of patients assigned to seaprose S had considerably more severe initial symptoms, by the end of treatment spontaneous pain was reduced 68.7% from the baseline mean score (from 3.2 to 1.0), as compared with a 63.3% reduction in the serratio-peptidase group (from 3.0 to 1.1). Pain on pressure was reduced 61.1% with seaprose S (from 3.6 to 1.4), compared to 57.6% with the reference treatment (from 3.3 to 1.4). Edema was reduced respectively 75% (from 1.6 to 0.4) and 56.2% (from 1.6 to 0.7); erythema diminished 72.4% (from 2.9 to 0.8) and 58.3% (from 2.4 to 1.0); nighttime cramps were 61.1% less (from 1.8 to 0.7) compared with 52.9% (from 1.7 to 0.8); hemorrhagic suffusion was 53.3% less (from 1.5 to 0.7) compared with 41.7% (from 1.2 to 0.7); cutaneous dystrophy was reduced by 11.1% (from 1.8 to 1.6) and 7.7% (from 1.3 to 1.2). At the end of the treatment with seaprose S efficacy was assessed as good or excellent in 85% of the cases, compared with 65% for serratio-peptidase. Seaprose S caused no adverse reactions. During serratio-peptidase treatment one patient reported diarrhea, requiring temporary dosage reduction and specific treatment. It can thus be confirmed that seaprose S was effective and well tolerated in patients with inflammatory venous diseases.

Fibrenza feedback has been great!

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, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Fibrenza, Author: admin (June 13, 2013)

User feedback on the Fibrenza has been fantastic.  As promised by the manufacturer, dosage requirements have been low.  We recommend following their “activation dosage” for two weeks (4 capsules, twice daily) and then reducing to maintenance (2 capsules, twice daily).

Fibrenza has a unique timed release capsule (called AcidDefenz) that doesn’t have any residual solvents like traditional enteric coatings.  We’re excited to have this full systemic enzyme in the line-up!  Visit Fibrenza to learn more.


Fibrenza Systemic Enzymes

Express Naturals adds Fibrenza Systemic Enzyme to its Line-Up

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, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Fibrenza, Zymessence, Author: admin (April 9, 2013)

As many of you know, we are extremely picky about our enzymes.  That makes us even more excited to tell you about our latest addition to the Enzyme Hub…Fibrenza.  New from HCP Formulas, this one contains 14 unique systemic enzymes.  We’ve never seen a blend that includes Seaprose, Nattokinase, AND Serrapeptase together!  These three combined are already a powerhouse, but in addition, Fibrenza incorporates Pancreatin, Trypsin, Chymotrypsin, Protease, Bromelain, and many other extremely proteolytic enzymes.  And top that off with the king of antioxidant enzymes…Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).

In addition to the stellar enzymes, Fibrenza introduces a NATURAL enteric coating called AcidDefenz.  Not only does this mean low dosages, but many will prefer this over solvent-based coatings (Carbomer Homopolymer Type A, etc.) and those containing phthalates (HPMCP).

Whether fending off systemic inflammation, fibrin, toxic debris or using systemic enzymes for their long term anti-aging effects, we’re sure this new blend will prove to be a favorite!

Visit Express Naturals to learn more information about Fibrenza.

Detoxify with Systemic Enzymes

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, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Systemic Enzymes, Author: admin (October 8, 2011)

When beginning a whole body cleanse, don’t forget to include systemic enzymes in your regimen.  These enzymes are able to function throughout the body to help cleanse the intestine, colon, liver, and blood.  Optimal enzymes for cleansing include Vitalzym, Neprinol, and Zymessence.  Visit www.expressnaturals.com to learn more about each.

Zymessence Reviews

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, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Zymessence, Author: admin (September 9, 2011)

Early Zymessence reviews have been fantastic.  We’d love to hear more feedback relative to the dosage and condition for which you are taking them.  Compared to other non-vegetarian systemic enzymes, Dr. Wong’s Zymessence has a unique enteric coating matrix that allows it to be in capsule form.  Enzymes are considered better absorbed in capsule form as opposed to tablets.  Systemic enzymes in hard shell tablets may not break down as quickly, resulting in reduced enzyme absorption. 

Please email us your Zymessence reviews at expresscare@expressnaturals.com.  Your feedback will be used to help other enzyme users make the best enzyme and dosage choices.

What if my enzymes are left inside a hot mailbox, car, etc?

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, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Systemic Enzymes, Author: admin (August 31, 2011)

According to World Nutrition, the manufacturers of Vitalzym, Vitalzym Xe, and Vitalzym SEB, their systemic enzymes don’ t begin to lose activity until temperatures exceed 150 degrees.  Systemic enzymes are subjected to high temperatures during the manufacturing process so they must be able to resist these conditions.  So if your enzymes sit in a hot mailbox for an afternoon, they most likely have not been damaged.  Of course the first thing we do if we think something has gone bad is smell it.  Unfortunately this isn’t an indicator since systemic enzymes do have a sour smell to them even when they’re fresh.   If you’re concerned your order from www.ExpressNaturals.com has been subjected to extreme heat in excess of 150 degrees, send us an email at expresscare@expressnaturals.com.

What if i miss a dose of systemic enzymes?

, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Author: admin (May 13, 2011)

Don’t worry.  Systemic enzymes aren’t like many prescription medications, in that they don’t build up in your system over time.  Research has indicated that most vegetarian based enzymes have an extremely short lifespan in the body.  In fact, most of the enzymes have probably been used by the body within 12 hours.  And though animal derived enzymes are thought to have a bit longer lifespan, they are most likely out of your system within 24 hours.

That being said, if you’re taking systemic enzymes such as Vitalzym for pain, a missed dose may lead to the recurrence of that pain.  There’s no need to double up your dose after a missed dose.  Just start your regimen again on an empty stomach and the missed dose will be just that…missed.

For more information on Vitalzym, Zymessence, Neprinol, or other systemic enzymes, visit us at www.expressnaturals.com.

Systemic enzymes gone bad?

, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Systemic Enzymes, Author: admin (May 12, 2011)

Every now and again we get a call about sour smelling enzymes.  Have they gone bad?  No, but for some reason systemic enzymes can have a really sour milk odor to them.  Unfortunately the smell seems to vary from lot to lot without any rhyme or reason.  These enzymes haven’t gone bad.  Most brands of systemic enzymes, including Vitalzym, have at least an 18 month shelf life.  And even then, the enzymes don’t actually go bad,  but rather they begin to lose strength.  It’s best to keep your enzymes stored at room temperature, and though they may have an odor, they’ll be fresh for many, many months.  For more information on systemic enzymes, be sure to visit us at http://www.expressnaturals.com/Enzymes_1_s/39.htm.

Zymessence Now Available in Smaller Size

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, Posted in: Enzyme Talk, Zymessence, Author: admin (May 11, 2011)

WAM Essentials has now made the new Zymessence available in the 90 count size.  The Zymessence systemic enzyme blend dosage is only 3 capsules daily for maintenance.  So the new 90 capsule size will last for a month when taken for maintenance.  The sale price at http://www.expressnaturals.com/Zymessence_p/zse180.htm  will be $51.95.  The Zymessence enzyme formula harnesses both pancreatin and serrapeptase, making it one of the strongest full sytemic enzyme available.  It’s also a great value.

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